Project 34: Cycling to school

Country(ies) involved: BurkinaFaso Children and youngsters supported: 260

A cattle fattening project to finance bicycles and remedial classes for underprivileged children dropping out of school

Country: Burkina Faso.
Children and youngsters supported: 260 (130 /year).
Budget: € 9 967.

projet 35 vélos Yako ASSO-PaProject
In the rural provinces of Burkina Faso, family poverty and the distance from often under equipped schools are frequent causes of the low enrolment rates and drop out. The Passoré province, North Burkina Faso, has one of the lowest enrolment rates in the country, below the national average of 56%. To tackle these difficulties, the association ASSO-PA, a member of the Burkina Faso IDAY coalition, has been implementing a system of bicycle rentals and remedial classes since 2013 to facilitate school access for some 50 students and youth in the city of Yako. The bicycles are loaned out in priority to students from underprivileged families living more than 5 km from the school who are at risk of dropping out despite acknowledged academic aptitude. Remedial classes are also organised for the most vulnerable students, (notably girls who tend to be given additional chores as the bicycle enables them to get back home faster). With these additional courses, pupils achieve better results, which in turns encourages their parents to keep them in school.

To support the maintenance of bicycle park and give access to more children, ASSO-PA intends to generate revenue through the sale of fattened cattle. The revenues which will be allocated to the purchase and maintenance of bicycles and payment of teachers providing remedial courses. With this scheme, the project will eventually become self-sufficient. The project also aims at sensitizing the authorities to this approach to fostering school enrolment and retention, and convince them to scale it up at national level.

Expected results
– Increased enrollment rates in secondary education.
– Improved academic performance through remedial courses.
– During the first year of the project: 5 cattle fattened and sold for the purchase and maintenance of bicycles.
– At least 30 bicycles maintained and rented to 30 students.
– In the second year: 10 cattle are fattened and sold to fund the purchase of additional bikes.

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