Project 20: School behind bars

Country(ies) involved: Cameroon Children and youngsters supported: 200

Guarantee access to proper education to children in prison

Country: Cameroon.
Children and youngsters supported: 200.
Budget: € 53 686.

projet 20Project
The project seeks to contribute to the social reintegration of imprisoned marginalised children through education and skills development. It also aims to address abusive detention of children, to change the general perception of the communities and restore the family links deteriorated by the experience of detention

Expected results
– Children in prison regain self-esteem.
– Detention conditions are humanised.
– The abusive detention of children in conflict with the law is successfully overturned.
– They have access to education and to the sources of knowledge while in detention: libraries, new teaching methodologies, cultural and socio-pedagogic practices.
– The education programmes delivered in detention are integrated in the public education programmes and are identical to the “regular” curricula.
– Family links are restored and communities improve their perception of and attitude towards children in conflict with the law.
– Young detainees are encouraged to engage in revenue-generating activities.

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