Project 9: Fighting child trafficking through education

Country(ies) involved: Togo Children and youngsters supported: 2000

Combatting child trafficking in the Savannah Region through education and vocational training

Country: Togo.
Children and youngsters supported: 2 000.
Budget: € 40 036.

projet 9 (sensibilisation des communautésProject
The school enrolment rates in the Savannah Region, North Togo, are among the lowest in the country (circa. 22%). Poverty, rural habitat and the prevalence of early marriage for girls are the main factors. Insufficient and inadequate socio-educational services coupled with grim job and livelihood prospects in the region lead many children and youngsters to leave their village in the search of better prospects elsewhere, with or without the approval of their parents. This puts them at risk of falling victim to child trafficking. The lack of knowledge about the regulations against trafficking, the fear of denouncing traffickers as well as widespread illiteracy are also conducive to the persistence of child trafficking. A border region with 2 other countries, the Savannah Region also receives a lot of children trafficked out of neighbouring countries.

The project aims at tackling this double challenge, first of all by raising public awareness on the dangers of child trafficking, children’s rights and the importance of schooling in two of the five prefectures of the Savannah Region. A dozen youth clubs are to be supported to help inform and help the youth and their families not to fall victim to such a practice. The project also foresees the establishment and strengthening of village committees to engage in monitoring and sensitization. In addition, 15 youngsters victim of child trafficking will be supported to go back to school or get access to vocational training.

Expected results
– The communities in two prefectures of the Savannah Region are sensitized on the dangers of child trafficking, children’s rights and the importance of schooling
– Sustainable monitoring and sensitization mechanisms are in place (village committees, youth clubs)
– 15 children and youngsters victim of child trafficking are enrolled in school or supported to attend literacy and vocational training

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