Project 8: Rehabilitation of Nalinya Bright Future Primary School

Country(ies) involved: Uganda Children and youngsters supported: 185

Rehabilitation of two classrooms in a disenfranchised neighbourhood of Kampala

Country: Uganda.
Children and youngsters supported: 185.
Budget: € 4 636.

projet 8 (Nalinya School before rehabilitation) projet 8 (Nalinya School after rehabilitation)

The Nalinya Bright Future Primary School is a private community school located in Katwe, a disenfranchised neighbourhood of the capital city Kampala. It serves children from 10 parishes. Although it compensates for the lack of public school in the surroundings, the school operates solely on resources mobilized by the community and the parents. Due to limited financial means, the premises are not properly maintained, which doesn’t allow for a conducive learning environment: overcrowded and flooded classrooms during rainy season, lack of benches and tables, etc.

The purpose of this project is to demonstrate that a school like the Nalinya Bright Future Primary School, which performs a public service in an underprivileged neighbourhood that is neglected by the Ministry of Education, can be rehabilitated at a low cost so as to provide a quality learning environment to the pupils. It consists in renovating 2 classrooms with local, affordable and more durable material.

Expected results
– 2 classrooms are rehabilitated with local, durable material.
– The learning environment for the 185 pupils is improved, and their academic performance is enhanced.

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