Project 7: An energy-saving stove for St Christine school

Country(ies) involved: Kenya Children and youngsters supported: 371

Better learning conditions and reduced school fees in the Kibera slum thanks to energy-saving stoves

Country: Kenya.
Children and youngsters supported: 371.
Budget: € 645.

projet 7 (3)Project
St Christine school is one of the private schools that provide primary education to the children living in the Kibera slum, Nairobi, as public schools are barely available in this overpopulated area. These schools target disafranchised families and usually provide lunch to the pupils whose parents are working all day. The meals are cooked on open fires that consume large amounts of fuel and (wo)manpower. They are also not environmental-friendly and damageable to the health of the cooks (fumes), not to mention the risk of setting the whole school on fire.

This project therefore intends to install an energy-saving double-storey stove (“jicko” in Swahili) in order to save on manpower and up to 60% of fuel. In addition to the environmental impact, this installation would allow to decrease the costs incurred by preparing the school meal, thereby reducing the overall schooling costs paid for by the parents.

Expected results
– Improvement of the health conditions and security of 392 pupils and school staff at St Christine primary school.
– Decrease in the costs of school meals.
– Increase in enrolment and assiduity.
– The savings generated by the energy-saving stove offset other educational expenses

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