Joseph Matheka, Project National coordinator in Kenya, shares his project’s experience about partnerships


From the start of the Child Domestic Workers (CDW) Project, I found out that there were many activities and initiatives involving domestic work in general and child domestic workers in particular that I could become part of.
In 2014, the International Labor Organization (ILO) led initiative for strengthening the institutional and legislative response to the protection of child domestic workers. Our team actively participated in the process.

The project also took advantage of partnerships with other labor unions and NGO’s working in the field of child labor. We have developed a very strong partnership with the local trade union for domestic workers (KUDHEIHA).

The Ministry of Labor and Social services is the ministry in charge of child labor, as well as the ratification of ILO Convention 189 on decent work for domestic workers. We already have had a few exploratory meetings with the principal actors in the ratification of C189 (the Central Organization of Trade Unions, the Kenya Federation of Employers and the Government of Kenya – through the Ministry of Labor).
The CDW Project is also in touch with a Member of Parliament who has presented a very comprehensive bill in parliament that addresses many of the concerns contained in the Convention n°189. We hope to join her campaign to have the bill become a law.