IDAY was at the European Development Days 2016!

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IDAY participated to the European Development Days 2016 in Brussels with a stand on “Protect child domestic workers in Africa” at the EDD Village.

During 2 days (15-16 June), we welcomed participants from different backgrounds (african local NGOs, officials, academics, …) to exchange about child domestic workers in East Africa and the DRC.

Our Project Coordinators from the DRC, Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda were present with us at the stand through an ongoing video broadcast.

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We also welcomed 2 experts: Karin Pape, from the International Domestic Workers Federation (left) and Dania Tondini, from the Italian NGO AVSI (right).

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In interviews with the media, Audrey Laviolette, our regional Project Coordinator, explained the domestic workers’ issue in East Africa and the DRC, and the efforts of IDAY members and partners to promote legal protection, decent working conditions and education to all young and adult domestic workers in this region.

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