Day of the African Child 2016 in Mauritania

The Mauritanian Network for Education for All (RMEPT), a member of the IDAY network, celebrated the Day of the African Child  with on focus on “Protecting the rights of the child through eradicating ignorance”.

RMEPT advocated on this issue during a public debate session organised on 23 June at the stadium of the Sebhka Moughataa, Nouakchott.

2016 16 juin Mauritanie (5)The event started off with an address by Mr Abdallahi Ould Limam, Advisor to the Minister of Communication and Relations with the Parliament, en présence de son homologue du département de la santé, Dr N’Djoubnane Mokhtar Dah. Mr Ould Limam praised the efforts of RMEPT to gather stakeholders concerned ith the rights of the child, especially the right to education. The theme of the event demonstrates that Mauritanian civil society is indeed committed to fostering improvements in this sector, in line with the directions given by the national authorities.

The Secretary General of RMEPT, Mr Abidine Cheikh, then highlighted that children rights are indissociable from education. He also indicated that celebrating the Day of the African Child is part of strengthening the rights of the child across the work, and particularly in Africa.

2016 16 juin Mauritanie (1)

Addressing the participants next, the President of RMEPT, Mrs Hawa Sidibé, insisted on the importance of giving access to school to all children and on the fact that a child belongs in school rather than in workshops or on the streets. The right to education is not only a fundamental principle of the international conventions on the right of the child, but also a principle enshrined in the foundations of Islam. Mrs Sidibé further explained that this meeting was intended to progress on the goals established in international conferences, and to nurture a fruitful partnership between all the stakeholders involved in education and the health and social protection of children. She concluded by strongly encouraging parents to obtain birth certificates for their children at birth, so that they are not prevented to register in school.

Mrs Mariétou Koné, MASEF representative, emphasised the role of mothers in securing basic education to their children. She also made a reminded the audience of the roles and fundamental principles underlying the rights of the child in today’s society.

During the event, a number of presentations were also made by the children in attendance as well as by women from the Sebhka Moughataa.

The event was attended by numerous women leaders, NGO members, representative of Mauritanian civil society as well as several officials and personalities. RMEPT particularly welcomed the participation of Professor Cheikh Saad Bhou Camara, prominent sociologist and human rights activist, and of its Honorary President and former Minister, Mr Ahmed Yeslim Ould Vil.

2016 16 juin Mauritanie (d-g) ex-ministre de l'hydraulique le professeur sociologue Camara et le président d'une ONG locale invités officiels